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Please ensure all artwork for print is supplied in line with these specifications.

Artwork received that is not in line with these specifications may be subject to amendment charges. Low Cost Menus cannot accept responsibility for print errors or late deliveries where artwork has been supplied incorrectly.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Telephone: 0845 884 4040.

Send us an email.



All Artwork for printing should be supplied in CMYK only.

Any RGB artwork that is supplied will be converted to CMYK and this may affect the appearance of your chosen colours.

Pantone colours made up of CMYK should be checked on a correct Pantone colour chart before print.

We cannot take responsibility for any unexpected results experienced from artwork that has been supplied in non-CMYK colours.

Colour Proofing

Digital proofs will not be 100% colour accurate to the final Litho print, they should be used as a guide only.

If you require a more accurate proof, these can be produced in more than one format.




Pantone colours need to be checked on the correct paper stock i.e. Coated or Un-coated.

Please contact us if you are using any other colour matching system other than Pantone.

Overprints and Knockout

Please ensure that no elements of the design are set to overprint unless specifically required. We cannot always check for this and it is likely to generate unexpected results.


If you are using the transparency functions in Illustrator and Freehand generated files, transparencies must be flattened and the files then converted to PDF or bitmap.

Transparencies in vector programs is still in its infancy and we cannot accept any responsibility for any unwanted results if this is not done.