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Online takeaway Order system for desktop tablet and smart devices

NEW to Low Cost Menus – Online Ordering

Following the introduction of our very successful free website offer back in November 2011, we have had many requests from the 1000’s of loyal customers that we have, to introduce online ordering.

Why it's here......

Many of the comments we have received from our customers revolve around, the current online ordering companies and the way they work, the hidden charges for the services they provide, along with the very high commission rates charged to the food outlets for their online ordering service.

How the food outlets identity is lost after being added to what is essentially a postcode directory of takeaways. How they get lost amongst the list of other food outlets shown within their postcode area, also why are so many other food outlets shown from outside the postcode area?

After your identity is lost....... who is now working for who?

With so many food outlets competing for the top listing on the online ordering directories, there is now even a charge for a ‘top paid listing’. Alone with magazine advertising, online advertising, the charges just keep coming. Who pays for this? You, the food outlet.

It has to stop.......

We have been working in conjunction with a number of our customers and online ordering providers to introduce an integrated online ordering system within the food outlets website provided by Low Cost Menus.

Your customer simply goes to your website, where they have a choice to either telephone you to place their order or using one of the links available they can order online, depending on how many contracted online ordering providers you have and want to show on the website.

The food outlets website can link to multiple online ordering systems, so you the food outlet can choose who you wish to use and link up with for your online ordering while advertising your website, on your takeaway menu and not a postcode directory website.

As the owner of the food outlet, you need to know if the online ordering provider is giving you the best value for money, the best rates and is working hard for your food outlet, if they don’t you can simply turn them off and find a new provider. This gives you the ultimate control when choosing the provider or even multiple providers you wish to use, without losing your identity.


All of our websites are professionally designed by the same designers that produce the menus. This gives a strong brand identity when your customer visits your site either to place an order via telephone or online, or to simply download or view your menu.

We have also ensured that the website is cross browser compatible for all mobile devices, tablet devices, laptops and pcs, ensuring a large network of potential customers.

Click on any of the links below to view the website.


We have been working with a number of professional online ordering service providers to enable us to integrate an online ordering system directly into the food outlets website.

All of our websites now have the facility to use this very cost effective integrated system.


    The websites have been designed to display if necessary, all online ordering companies that you are contracted to, should you wish to add or remove any, it is simply a phone call away.


    A full uptodate copy of your printed takeaway menu is available to view online, as part of this page, your customer can download a pdf directly to any device that can read a pdf format. They can also add the menu page to their favourites.


    The menu page has the facility within the rotating banner to display any offers that you wish to highlight. A small one-off charge for artwork is required per offer. These again, can be added or removed, free of charge, at any time, it is simply a phone call away.


    The website has the facility to link to any of your current social media networks, (facebook, twitter, google+, etc. ) All you would need to do is supply us with your URL and these can be added or removed, free of charge.


    As food outlets now have to display their food hygiene ratings, the website has the facility to display this, should you wish to. Again can be added or removed, free of charge.


    Call Back

    The website also has a call back feature which lets the customer send a contact name and telephone number to request a call back from the takeaway.


    We also provide a gallery page so that your takeaway can display images relevant to your business.

    Opening Hours

    A simple but very important feature which displays up to date opening hours and shows if your takeaway is closed.